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Continuing Education

Continuing Education (Accredited C.E.U.’s)

Do you need education and information on topics in the tile and stone sectors? Do you need solutions for various tile and stone installations? Maybe those in your firm need to be aware of the newest standards including G2 and DCOF. Knowledge is the best defense in the prevention of potential issues that can occur from the drawing board to the field, not to mention achieving the necessary learning credits for today’s professionals.

Please contact us to schedule your next CEU accredited lunch, education break, and learn any of the topics below. When inquiring about any of our CEU offerings, please include your city and province so we may expedite your inquiry.


  • 017 Value Analysis Compares value engineering vs. value analysis. Flooring selection and tile demonstrate the process. Credits: AIA 1LU/HSW, IDCEC 1 HR (CEU-106459), GBCI 1.0 CE (920013496)

  • 018 Exterior Tile Installations Teaches the benefits of ceramic tile as an exterior material, installation considerations, techniques and best practices. Credits: AIA 1LU/HSW, IDCEC 1 HR (CEU-106461)
  • 019 Porcelain Tile Panels: Technology & Applications  Reviews Porcelain Tile Panels, how they are made, the benefits, ANSI standards, and installation guidelines. Credits: AIA 1LU/HSW, IDCEC 1 HR (CEU-106482)

  • 020 Porcelain Tile Panels: Specification & Use  Reviews a cost benefit analysis of porcelain tile panels, steps for specification and installation considerations. Credits: AIA 1LU/HSW, IDCEC 1 HR (CEU-102602), GBCI 1.0 CE (920014114)
  • 021 Sustainable Outcomes  Presents the current concerns of specified finish materials potential risk to the environment and human health. Explore the overall benefits porcelain tile may provide including LEED and Green Squared certification. Credits: AIA 1LU, IDCEC 1 HR (CEU-106694), GBCI 1.0 CE (920014075)

  • 022 Glass Tile Installations — Specification & Use  Presents the many applications for glass tile, the history of glass and its benefits as a surface tile. Teaches important specification consid-erations and installation steps for a success project. Credits: AIA 1LU, IDCEC 1 HR (CEU-106699)
  • 023 Design Evolution: How Porcelain Revolutionizes the Countertop World  Reviews materials currently available for countertops and presents the properties and benefits of porcelain in a countertop application. Credits: AIA 1LU/HSW, IDCEC 1 HR (CEU-108413), GBCI 1.0 CE (920018689)

  • 024 Specification of Tile (AIA)  Shares the basics of porcelain tile and its properties as well as critical considerations for specification. Credits: AIA 1LU, IDCEC 1 HR (CEU-105008)